Eliana Reine Varner

Eliana Reine Varner

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just for kicks.

This post is honestly just for my sanity, but if you want to read it and feel sorry for me you can. :)

Or maybe you'll learn how much stinkin' work goes into designing/making your own invitations and will opt to buy them instead. I wouldn't say I'm having regrets... I'm just wishing I didn't choose something to intense!!!!

Invitation To-Dos and To-Dones:
*Design pocketfold on eggplant paper
*Design main invitation
*Design map enclosure
*Design reception card/website enclosure
*Design RSVP Postcard
*Print all of the above. (80 each)
*Cut out all of the above. (80 each)
*Cut/Fold 8 1/2" x 11" eggplant paper into pocket fold (55)
*Cut 12" x 12" eggplant paper down into correct size... then fold it (25)
*Cut orange background paper (80)
*Burn 68 wooden hearts around edge and "J+H"
*Glue orange background paper to white invitation printout (80)
*Glue orange/white paper to eggplant center section (80)
*Cut hemp (80)
*Cut burlap fabric (80)
*Affix postcard stamps to RSVP cards (80)
*Make pocketfold flap inserts (160)
*Glue in pocketfold flap inserts (160)
*Fill in # of reserved seats for each invitation (80)
*Print addresses/names on envelopes (80)
*Insert enclosures into pocket (80x3)
*Seal with hot glue: burlap, hemp, and heart (80)
*Stick in envelopes and ship 'em out!!!

Jeff came over and worked on invitations for another 2.5 hours with me today before he had to go into work. And my mom set aside an hour to help me out today too. :) I'm so blessed! They're getting done slowly but surely...

Goal: All done by Saturday night. Pray for me. haha :)


  1. Hi Heidi! Thanks for your comment on my last post. I forgot to mention, but you took the idea right out of my head for the yarn orbs! I am planning on doing them with hemp or twine as well! I am currently trying to find the tutorial (I mean, they're pretty self-explanatory, but I still like reading directions) and I'll post it soon. Also, I just went on a 50 mile Appalachian Trail hike so that's awesome that your first date was on the Trail! We actually stayed at Caledonia one night... gotta' admit though, not my favorite campground. Favorite was Pine Grove, about 20 more miles north. I cannot wait to see your invites! Thanks for reading!!

  2. WOW Girl! I know, my sister did her own invitations and she said it was a lot of work. I just opted to order ours but just think how proud you will be of yours and they will mean soooo much to you!!! You are getting there!! Keep up the awesome work on those invites, they will be sooo worth it!