Eliana Reine Varner

Eliana Reine Varner

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My babies (our invitations).

That title is no exaggeration... haha. I created these puppies with my own two hands. Nurtured them. Primped them. And then I sent them off and gave them wings. If you didn't design/create your own invitations you might think I'm nuts... but seriously, after investing 60-80 hours on them... I feel like a proud parent. :)

In the beginning.... :)
orange, cream, white, and eggplant (wedding colors)

I made a nice little stack of my necessary supplies. Organization is key.

Here's my printer- it should receive a gold star and some kind of an award after all the printing it did.
the enclosures:

I enlisted mom's help to glue orange and white pieces together-

I used purple scraps from the invitations to make the little foldy flaps to go inside the pocketfold.
see :)

my invitation structure after folding 80 of them!

kitchen table workstation-

map enclosure!!!!!!!!
reception/ odds~n~ends enclosure!!!!!
RSVP postcard!!!!!!

RSVP Postcard!!!!!!!!

front and back together :)
separated into stacks depending on how many people were in the invited party-

beautiful :)

60 wooden hearts burned around each edge and a J + H in the middle (aww)

our guest list-
all assembled with burlap fabric, hemp, and wooden heart!
the invitations that were being mailed couldn't have the wooden heart on them (too thick), so I made some makeshift paper ones out of kraft paper!

the mailables:

ready to be enveloped!
to save my tongue, I used a sponge on the envelopes :)

FINISHED PRODUCT: don't stalk me :)

So, there you have it! My pride and joys!!! Many hours spent, but so worth it! I love them, and they represent our wedding perfectly!

...Aaaaaaaand, we got our first RSVP postcard back in the mail today!! Yay- and its a YES! :)

I had to call the post office yesterday and tell them that I would be expecting things in the mail for (soon to be) Mr. and Mrs. Varner since there aren't any Varners that live here- I wanted to make sure they got delivered!!



  1. OMG Heidi, they are soooo gorgeous and well thought out! You and Jeff did a fantastic job. I love the burned hearts by the way. Just beautiful and very personal. Love the RSVP cards too!

  2. OH MY!!These are perfection!! I did something "similar" to mine but nothing this elaborate!! Good Job!!

  3. Heidi, these are so beautiful! What a wonderful labor of love that was so worth it! I've been so anxious to see the final product, and they do not disappoint at all. You must feel so proud. :) My invitations paper and pockfolds just arrived today, so I'll be assembling my invitations very soon. Fiance is busy formatting the documents right now!

  4. oh my god! these are gorgeous! i totally get why you would call them your babies!! 60-80 hours?! i wouldn't want to give them away! :)

  5. Soooo fantastic!! And so professional looking! I absolutely love your RSVP postcards! This post, as much as I know it was not always a picnic, has made me even more excited about ours, 60 hours, 80 hours, 500 hours, I'm super pumped about putting ours together now! Congrats on giving birth ;)

  6. They are beautiful!!! Great work!

  7. Thank you all, so much!! I shared all of your comments with Jeff, since he was a proud parent as well :) hehe...