Eliana Reine Varner

Eliana Reine Varner

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guest Book happenings.

I don't think I've ever felt this compelled to blog before in my life!! I love wedding planning!!

So, here's the latest:
*Left a message with my cake lady.
*Appointment for next Thursday to get my dress alterations in order (on my birthday!!!!!)
*Earrings came in the mail today!!! And I put them on with my necklace and its GORGEOUS!!!
*And last but not least (and the reason for this post)- the key component for our guestbook came today!!!!

Without further ado- I present to you......

the pogo printer

You hook up your camera to it and it prints out little 2" x 3" photos with STICKY BACKS in about a minute! That's right- sticky backs. Perfect for putting right into your guestbook and signing, BABY! (I'm more than a little excited.)

I realize that photobooths are pretty popular nowadays with funny props and cool like chalkboard signs. I'm down with that... but Jeff and I have a tradition that I'd like to share with everyone for our own enjoyment. A few years ago we started taking funny face pictures. Over time, we have quite a collection of unflattering... kind of scary facial contortions (Jeff has become a pro). So, the plan is to have some of our favorite funny faces displayed for all to see as inspiration for our guests. They can go solo or as a group and print out their best funny face and then slap it in the guestbook and sign away!!!! :)

Some favorites:

So, that's that. :) Also- here's what I have in mind for our actual guestbook...

I have a very talented Bridesmaid that already offered to make something very similar with a personal wood burnt image on the front :)

Also- last note: I learned two new things yesterday! I learned to French Braid my hair!!! And I learned a new nail painting procedure from youtube:


  1. HAHAHA I love all those photos of you and Jeff..just being you and having fun!! What an awesome idea for a guest book!!! It will come out so cool and you will love looking through it after the wedding!

  2. I love the printer idea! That's so fun, and I'm sure your guests will love it! And those funny face pictures are so great!

  3. Hahaha your photos are too funny and at the same time super adorable.. they reflect happy and warm love! * sigh*
    The guest book idea is pretty cool.. where did you guys find that printer??

  4. These pictures are GREAT! I love a couple that appreciate humor and aren't afraid to look crazy sometimes! Love it!