Eliana Reine Varner

Eliana Reine Varner

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To toss or not to toss. That is the question.

So, Jeff and I were going a tad untraditional (which I realize is not all that uncommon nowadays) with our wedding plans. We weren't planning on having a flower girl or a ring bearer... simply because there will be no children at the wedding. Well, except for his 7 year old son- which we're going to install as a Jr. Groomsman... but now I'm thinking ring bearer (anyway- that's not the point of this post).

I will not be wearing a garter, and he will sure as heck not be sticking his hands or heaven forbid (as I've seen it done before) his face up my dress in front of all those people! (Keep in mind, our first kiss in almost 2 years will be taking place infront of EVERYONE that day). Anyway... point being- no garter/no garter toss.

I just figured since there would be no garter toss... there would be no flower toss either. But then my [single] lady friends said, "Whaaaaaaat??!?!"

And now, there will be a toss. :)

With that being said, I want to show off what my wonderful Bridesmaid, Teddy (codename) made for me with fake flowers we picked out at her store last week!!!!

(I'm in love with it.)
She texted this picture to me earlier today then surprised me with a visit in person tonight so I could marvel in its wonder in person!!! :)
Oh, and the updated version has a band of burlap and a twine bow on the hand held part of it.

isn't it gorgeous?!!?

Also, hope I didn't offend anyone with the garter pictures. That's just not our style. We're much more modest and censored. haha... like I said, not kissing until we're married.


  1. Those flowers ARE divine. So does that mean you'll be wearing a garter as well? Or ar you just doing a bouquet toss?

    I was thinking of it just the way you are. I'm only having a ring bearer so that my son (from a previous marriage) can be involved. No flower girl. And I'm thinking of scrapping the wedding party, too. I also decided (just a few days ago) that I'm probably gonna skip the garter. But I was thinking I could still do the bouquet toss... as we're leaving for our honeymoon suite! :-)

    Maybe that's what you can do! ;-)

  2. that's beautiful!

    we didn't have kids at our wedding... so there was no ring bearer or flower girl! also, we didn't do the bouquet toss and i didn't even wear a garter! and everything worked out fine! haha :) and no one even asked about them!

  3. I am totally with you on the garter toss situation!

  4. We are actually not having any kids at the reception.But our ceremony would not be a ceremony with out a ring bearer .. so we are having kids for the ceremony.. the nanies will just pick them up right after .. so its perfect! I cant imagine not having those little boys not be part of my ceremony pictures..