Eliana Reine Varner

Eliana Reine Varner

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Updateage. (many pics)

So..... as it turns out... God came through and answered our prayers, yet again! Jeff was able to go camping. The poor guy actually got off of work at 6:30am Friday morning, went to his house to pack, came to my house to help us pack the truck, and then napped for a few hours on the way to the campground. :) As soon as we got there I set up my hammock between two trees and let him enjoy some peaceful slumber for a few more hours. My "mock" as I call it- was pretty popular. We came back from the lake on Saturday to even find my dad snoozing in it!

It was a pretty jam-packed weekend. Camping vacations are never long enough! I got to grill a good bit- YUM! I love me some grilling!

We hit up the lake/sand- and made a pretty sweet dragon/gator. haha... looks like a gator with wings. Oh well. It's still pretty sweet.

Also got some sweet tan/burn lines. :)

Had a pretty decent fire Saturday night- kept that puppy blazin!!
Most importantly, spent some good quality time together in God's creation!!!

OH oh oh - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand- I found time to set up some pics for the table numbers for our reception!!!
(I'm just going to post all of them I have arranged so far. Some have been posted before- but they're pretty cool all together.)

Still need an 8, 9, 11, 13, and 14. :)


  1. Omg I love your idea for the table numbers, super creative and goes well with your theme! After your post I want to go camping sooo bad.. I used to do it all the time when i was young.. and I have been trying to coordinate one ever since :/

  2. It looks like you guys had sooo much fun camping! And I'm glad you got a little bit of a break from wedding planning. :)

  3. so so in love with your table numbers!! Just went camping and you are so right; those trips are never long enough. I hate breaking camp.

  4. Wow! I love your idea for the table numbers. Super creative!

  5. Your table number idea is the coolest thing I have ever seeeeen!! I love numbers 5 and 6! I love camping too and the pic of you grilling all that food made me super hungry. I love a nice good grilled meal!!