Eliana Reine Varner

Eliana Reine Varner

Friday, July 20, 2012

Our New Furbies!! (Fur babies)

Things with the housing loan- apparently due to my excessive school loans, I couldn't be approved for enough $$. Which is fine- so, we're moving on to Plan B! (save money/pay off debt) I've been working on my financial binder (more updates to follow).

In the meantime- we decided if we couldn't get our own place then maybe we could talk to our landlords about their no pet policy. We've been renting our house for a year now and have a great rapport with them (they even got us a Sheetz gift card for Christmas!). So we made the call last Friday and Saturday we got the OK!

So this week our family got 8 paws and 2 tails bigger! 

Meet Nala. She's so teeny!!! Definitely the runt of the batch. 

 And this is Vito. I think he's part sloth. haha... actually, they're both quite rambunctious (+5 points for me using a big word like that)

 At the end of the day... they love each other. Brother and Sister.... so cute <3

Welcome to the Varner family, Nala and Vito!

So prepare to see endless pictures of my new babies. Afterall, I'm a proud parent now. :)

*Soon to come, camping pictures- my newest sand sculpture*

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Varner Family Planner (Part 1)

Yesterday I woke up thinking, "I have nothing to do today."

And then I stumbled upon this beaut: The Nest Effect

After drooling a bit, I scoured my office/scrapbooking supplies I realized I have everything I needed on hand to create such a masterpiece (except a 3-hole punch)...

I spent the better part of the day going through all my scrapbook papers finding scraps that would work together to create a purty cover that would slip in the clear pouch on the front.


I think yes.

I also researched a few other family planner/binders online and made 5 of my own sections. A lot of people have a section for meal planning and grocery lists but I already have a system set up for that.

 So my sections are as follows:

*Calendar/Planner (also lists birthdays/anniversaries)

 *Budget (breading down our spending into subcategories and what bills are paid with which paychecks (isn't organization BEAUTIFUL?!)

*Bills/Expenses (lists when bills are due w/ contact information)

*Debt/Savings plan (based off of Dave Ramsey's teaching)

*Cleaning/Projects (monthly cleaning tasks and DIY projects I would like to attempt)

Here are the calendars I made up for the rest of the year... and a list of months' days for birthday/anniversary lists...

I ended up checking Facebook to find all my friends/families' birthdays in one convenient spot!

So, there's what I have so far. Many more forms and pictures to come. :)