Eliana Reine Varner

Eliana Reine Varner

Monday, January 21, 2013

The One With All the D-I-Y projects

So, with Christmas this year (read: Christmas over a month ago)- I decided to be super crafty and make gifts for the people I am closest to. Also, with a lack of money- it just seemed like the way to go. Win win.

Over the past four or so years I've become that person. The one who's goal is to make you cry when you open your gift. I've been quite successful over the years.

Here are this year's endeavors:

   -niece, Brooklyn: (age 2) a Dora the Explorer felt board
   -brother and sister-in-law: a shadowbox frame with a scrapbook page and a cute family photo I took
   -mom: her favorite bible verse embroidered into a rustic-looking fabric, then framed
   -dad: stylish pictures of his Harley (which he adores), framed for his man cave

The results:

Dora the Explorer Feltboard

So it all started with white and blue felt... and I hot glued it to an old canvas I had lying around.

A rolling snowscape.

 I made Dora with tan felt, then glued brown felt on for the hair. Her mouth and nose are written on with a fine-point sharpie. The eyes were white felt- then I used Crayola markers to make brown eyes with black pupils. Easy peezy.
I made 2 outfits-- her typical pink shirt, orange shorts, and yellow socks. And then I also made a cute purple snowsuit (with sparkly purple felt accents), and pink gloves, scarf, and boots!

Snowman (three individual circles)- I traced around a cup, a gladware container, and a bowl... oh- and I used sparkly white felt to offset it from the plain white snow background.

Here's all the pieces laid out on the table

And here's everything sticking to the feltboard as I hold it up.

**Gift was a huge success- I put all the pieces in ziploc baggies and wrapped the board separately. When Brook opened it she saw the pieces and knew it was Dora instantly and also knew to put a snowman togethe with the sparkly white circles. **

Very cool. 

 Framed Scrapbook Page

Simple- "And now these three things remain: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love."

Bible verse Embroidery

Romans 8:28 embroidered with black thread...

Man Cave Art

-I'm happy with all of my products! Also, Operation: Make Someone Cry was a success. And of all people, it was my dad who got teary-eyed. Aww :)  He sure does love his bike.

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