Eliana Reine Varner

Eliana Reine Varner

Monday, June 20, 2011

To Do List FAIL(ish).

So, lately other brides I follow have been posting their to-do lists. I have my all written on paper:

I thought to myself... I'm such an organized person... I should have a digital file with all my lists on them! I attempted this tonight.

I got the major DIY projects listed on an excel file and got extremely tired just THINKING about all I have to do. (This is not ALL my projects either.) HAHA...
So- now I have just a page of my DIY projects, but I think I want to make a Word file with more of a list of steps involved in each project...

Here is my insight on my typical daily to-do lists that I enjoy making:
1-I like to start the list off with something I've already completed. (So, I get to start my list by crossing something off!)- It makes me feel accomplished.
2-I like to add on simple tasks that I know I'm going to complete even if it's a daily task... like "eat breakfast". Done.
3-I like to break things down to multiple items... so when 1 task is done I can cross off 4 things---
i.e. Run Errands would look more like
- Get book from Library
- Get supplies for dinner
- Stamps from Post Office
- Get gas in car
(So, as soon as I get home- BOOM!- 4 things scratched off)

The point of this being: my DIY tasks are BIG things- like "Invitations"... so the next to-do list I'll make will say:
- Design Invitations
- Order Paper
- Order Envelopes
- Print out Invites
- Plan Assembling Partay with MoH and BM!!!!

(So I can check things off as I go and feel better about the progress I'm making!)

Anyone else feel defeated just looking at their to-do list? I have 96 days to complete EVERYTHING!!!!!!


  1. YES! I feel like there is so much to do and I have lists everywhere!! But I am the same way..crossing something off the list makes me feel accomplished..I'll even go as far as writing something down that I completed that I forgot to put on the list, just to cross it off!

  2. I just made my first official wedding to-do list! It's a list of all the DIY projects I'm hoping to do for the wedding. Let's see if I can actually do them! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to organize her thoughts/projects in order to get a handle on all that needs to get done!

  3. ah! i feel so defeated! i have lists EVERYWHERE. on my iPhone, computer, scrap pieces of paper, in notebooks, on napkins, on OTHER people's computers. it's ridiculous. but you think of something and HAVE to write it down!

    i like to cross things off, too! so when i write things down i usually do them in steps like 1. edit pictures, 2. order pictures, 3. pick up pictures... haha and it goes on from there.

    now, i'm at a point where i'm so busy... i don't have time to do that! it's like GET PICTURES and i just know that there are 7 steps involved! :)