Eliana Reine Varner

Eliana Reine Varner

Monday, June 6, 2011

Not the dress. :)

So, I have these pictures on my computer... and I know no one else has seen them other than my two ladies and my mom that went dress shopping with me. I thought it'd be fun to post pictures of the dresses I WON'T be wearing on my wedding day. Some were close calls... but I knew "the one" as soon as I put it on!

*First dress of the day. Felt a little surreal seeing myself in a big white gown. :) By the way- not a fan of this one... it was a little too modern and fashionista for my tastes.

*Gown 2- frilly flowy bottom. Meh.
*This one was alright... and even got to the point where they added the veil... which is when they try to lure you in. Still no tears of joy though...
*Good for a beach wedding I think. Flowy and soft...
*This was the runner up... and probably would have been "the one" if I was getting married in a church and having a more traditional wedding. I felt like a princess, but ultimately, I wanted something that was suitable for the outdoors and not fussy. This was more of a ball gown...As you can see... I was confused... because I thought everyone said, "You'll know which one is 'the one.'" I had a closet full of dresses and my heart wasn't fluttering...

But then, everything changed. There was one dress that I had picked out online that I really wanted to try. It had all the components on it I was looking for and the attendant couldn't find it in the store. I was bummed. She took one more sweep through the store and came shuffling (quickly) back to our little corner with a dress in her hand looking while looking back to see if she was followed. haha... here she found it hanging on another bride-to-be's "try on" stash.
She grabbed and ran.

I don't know how to explain it, but before I even opened the dressing room door and saw my reflection I just knew it was the dress I wanted. As soon as the door swung open I had tears in my eyes. :)
I would also like to note- that the dress was in my size so I got to walk out of the store with dress in tow. :)

Yep yep.


  1. Wow! It's so nice that you have pictures of yourself in such a variety of beautiful dresses! I only took pictures of myself in the one dress--crazy, I know! You are so stunning in all of these; I have to imagine the dress you chose is even more amazing!

  2. OMG how exciting that you got to LEAVE with your dress!!! I haven't even started looking yet, no idea what I even want...my BM have started pestering me to go shopping and before I wasn't really up for it...but now I"m kind of excited to get started!

    I love that you took pics of the different dresses you tried on - now you have all the memories of your search! Congrats on finding your dress!!