Eliana Reine Varner

Eliana Reine Varner

Friday, June 17, 2011

Paper Love.

So, having earned my undergraduate degree in art education, it's fair to say I have an appreciation for certain details that other people simply overlook.

In searching for the perfect paper for our invitations I was quite unimpressed with cardstock weight paper in dark purple/ eggplant. I hit up A.C. Moore and the only thing they had was something resembling a grape. No, not quite what I was going for. I wanted elegant deep rich purple.

^this is what A.C. Moore had to offer

And then I stumbled upon www.papertemptress.com . I'm not sure how I got there... but I'm quite thankful that I did. She has so many different selections to choose from in categories like "heavenly" or "dropdead gorgeous"! This is my kind of woman!

^And this is what I found at www.papertemptress.com

After ordering paper for our Save the Dates I knew I'd be back to her for our Invitation paper. I sent her an email asking about certain styles of paper and told her the look I was going for. She called me and talked to me personally about her favorites and even offered to send me samples of what she thought would work well, and what prints the best in an ink jet printer! I was amazing at her personal service to me- and we talked about the beauty of paper.

It was wonderful.

I would highly recommend her to anyone else who is DIYing their invitations... or even if you just like being crafty with paper!!


  1. That second shade of purple is amazing and so much better than the grape! Good choice. :)

  2. Heidi!
    Your account is set as no reply, so I had to track you down. The tall votives are from The Christmas Tree Store. They were, I believe, 2.00 for 12...may only be 9 in the pack, but the boxes are burried in the basement.