Eliana Reine Varner

Eliana Reine Varner

Saturday, February 8, 2014

32 weeks update!

So here's where we're at! 32 weeks down, 8 to go...
Exciting things are happening!

How far: 32 weeks, 2 days  :)  (every day counts at this point)

Baby Stuff: Eliana weighs about 4lbs. this week and is the size of a large jicama! (Almost 17in.)

Newest Body Changes: Not a fan of the newest aches and pains... I've had 3 little Braxton Hicks contractions that didn't really phase me, but the biggest pain in the butt pelvis is the random cramps while I'm laying down. Sleeping hasn't been going great lately only because I have to heave my overly large body into a new position every hour or so to prevent sharp pains. Lately it's been even worse because I've had a flu-like sickness this week. I have to sleep with my upper body elevated to alleviate the wheezing that occurs. I have a smoker's cough that could rival a life-long addict! Seriously. If it didn't hurt so darn bad to cough I would be impressed by it.

Cravings: Still nothing intense... we did have a minor situation about three weeks ago when I craved a Wendy's Frosty. Jeff works right next to a Wendy's and I called him before his shift ended, suggesting he stop and get me a Frosty. Typically he would be super stoked that I suggest such an unhealthy food choice (since usually I'm the voice of reason). Well, this time he wasn't so supportive and I played it off all cool. "No big deal, hunny. It was just a thought. See you soon." And then it happened. My world started to disintegrate around me. I sunk into a deep depression. This was not your run-of-the-mill "hungry for a certain food" kind of feeling. It was a legitimate craving, which I had denied my body. Big mistake. I turned into Heid-zilla (hehe). Poor Jeff. After he got home and I explained to him the gravity of the situation he said, "Well I'll never make that mistake again." We were able to smile at each other by bedtime, but it was definitely intense in the Varner household that night.

Current freak out: None! I am so calm, it's kind of crazy. Jeff and I started baby classes last week. So far we've learned about the birthing process and breastfeeding. Next two weeks are Baby Boot Camp and hospital registration class. Yeehaw! I'm loving all the information. It makes me feel much more in control.

Exciting news:
     1- Eliana's head is down! No more breech baby! (Doc said once they go head down it's very rare that they would flip around again.)
     2- Nursery is coming along!!! Last weekend I built the crib and the changing table!!!!
This little bouncer seat was FREE from one of Jeff's regular customer's who wanted to bless us!! 

Changing table

Crib :)

Oh, and there's a free pack n' play stashed in the corner we got from a friend. This one will most likely stay at my parent's so that's one less thing we'll need to bring when we visit.

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  1. Heidi, this update is so fun! Love reading about your little girl and all the preparations since we're just a few months behind. :) Praying for all three of you!