Eliana Reine Varner

Eliana Reine Varner

Friday, December 20, 2013

Hello 25 weeks, we're moving along so fast!

I'm sitting here feeling Eliana kick around as I type. What an incredible feeling....

How far:  25 weeks.

Baby stuff: Eliana is about 13.5in long this week. Her lungs are developing to prepare for her first breath of fresh air. Also, she's starting to be able to sense up and down! Aww, my little girl!!!!!!

Newest Body Changes: Belly is getting bigger- actually had a stranger officially know I was pregnant this week!!! (Not just assume I ate too much for dinner last night). Also had to start wearing Jeff's t-shirts to bed. My size smalls are officially out of the question. Oh, and hello heartburn. Yeah, never experienced this before in my life until this week. It's new and I'm not a fan. Tums are nice.

Craves: Auntie Anne's pretzels (we actually left the house at 8:30pm to hit up a mall that was 30 minutes away last week), Fried pickles w/ ranch, Peanut butter (seriously, check my Pinterest account)- oh, and as far as peanut butter is concerned I would be quite content just sitting around smelling it. I wonder if there are peanut butter scented candles... (ANSWER: There are. I just checked Amazon) :) Last minute Christmas idea!!!!

Gross: Plain chicken breast (seriously, gag me.), even THE THOUGHT of Frank's Red Hot Sauce. Eww. Just typing that made me cringe.

Current freakout: 15 weeks to go and the so-called nursery is still our closet/creativity room. There is a lot of painting, moving, switching, decorating, etc. to be done.

Note to self: should probably find some baby furniture and schedule maternity pictures!

Funny story: Every time I read over this post to proofread/made edits just reading the Frank's Red Hot Sauce part made me nauseated. Darn you hot sauce!

Also- I apologize, I don't have any new exciting pictures to update with... but if you'd like to see my cute little baby bump we should probably meet up and hang out! (Especially because I have the next 16 days off of work for Christmas break!!)

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