Eliana Reine Varner

Eliana Reine Varner

Saturday, September 10, 2011

14 days, WHAT?!?!?!?! (tons of picture updates!)

Okay- first off... where has all the time gone?!?! haha... Jeff and I were hanging out at OUR house last night (he lives there by himself for the next 14 days)- we were talking about how AMAZING it will be to not have to say goodbye. :) Can't wait!!

Other than that... in the past week I've have about 20 mental breakdowns. Money fell through with unemployment big time... we're about $4000 short. haha. No big deal. :P Just kidding- MAJOR DEAL! (Not dealing with it right now, though.) Life goes on. With debt. Yikes.

Bigger news: getting a lot of DIY projects done because here in central PA roads were underwater for about 3 days straight... which meant school was cancelled... which made me a happy bride!

Done in the last three days:
-Purchased all the paper products for the reception! (LOVE THEM!!!)

-Thank you cards written and sent out-

-Trail mix bar completely designed-

-Trail mix bar ingredients purchased. (and little scoops for them)

-Paid final deposit on flowers.
-Went to beverage distributor about our keg of birch beer! (Ordering it next week.) Also bought tea, lemonade, and water!
-Bought the paper for our crossword puzzles (designing it this weekend)
-Wood cake stands glued.
-1 centerpiece completed (still needs tweaked a little)
-Dad surprised me an INCREDIBLE card box... I'm blown away!!!

-Dad sawed and drilled our candle holders.
-Signs are painted.

-Wow. I'm proud. :)

-Oh, and I practiced being a good wife last night and made a delicious dinner for my hubby-to-be. He did dishes and set the table!!! We make a great team. :)

Spinach and Chicken Carbonara Pizza

So, all in all- life is pretty darn amazing.


  1. I love your trail mix bar! What a cute idea! All of your hand made pieces out of the wood are beautiful. I can't wait to see everything all put together. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my hangers. I kept trying and trying and trying to get the t and it just wasn't working so I said screw it and then I found the little bows at JoAnn Fabrics and called it good, haha!

  2. sounds like everything is going so smoothly (well, except for the money)! i'm happy for you two! it's coming up in just 2 weeks :)

  3. Oh that card box is AWESOME! Well done Dad!

  4. OH my I cant wait to see pictures of the your special day... Ill these little details are amazing!!