Eliana Reine Varner

Eliana Reine Varner

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The moment I've been dreading.
Choosing flowers...
I've had numerous people suggest that I go with wildflowers that I handpick and arrange. As you can see from my DIY list... I have enough to do on my own. I'm turning to professionals on this one!

I would like to be prepared when I get there- so I'm brainstorming some beautiful orange and plum flowers to ask about! :)

Ladies- orange bouquets
Gents- purple boutonieres
Me- orange and purple bouquet
Jeff- purple flower with orange berry accent... or something twiggy

My original plan was to have the ladies carrying orange gerbera daisies. I love the bright pop of color with the playful green color on the stems... but now I'm expanding my horizons because I want to incorporate whatever flowers they have into my bouquet... and, well, I don't want gerbera daisies in mine. :)

So, plan B:
tiger lillies

I like these stemmy things curving around- maybe with twigs??

alstroemeria- nice little wildflowery feel to it!

orange lillies
As far as purple flowers go... I love the color of deep purple cala lillies... but I don't like the price. I haven't fallen in love with any purple flowers yet- so if you see any please let me know!


  1. very pretty! "heather" or lavender are good purple fillers to put with other flowers. I also love eucalyptus as a green/filler. but the curvy stemmy things and possibly twigs to work in your outdoorsy look! Gladiolas are good purple flowers. Good luck! I love flowers--used to work as a Florist in high school & on break from college. Designing arrangements was my favorite thing! I almost quit going to school for teaching to be a florist!

  2. We did purple and orange for out wedding! People thought we were a little off using those two colors together but it turned out looking really neat! Good luck with the flower picking!

  3. I just asked Hannah, she was the only one who had cala lillies. the others with flowers had orange and purple tulips.